Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lots of new stuff to see

Good afternoon all. Today's post is a good look around at what is new in and a quick apology to all who were looking forward to our visit from the BBC last week. Unfortunately one of the experts on the BBC's Antiques Road Trip, which was scheduled to be filmed here last week, had a family emergency. As a result their visit to us has been postponed until another day. Such a shame, but at least if you thought that you had missed it, you haven't as it is still to come!

So, on to what's new. By some strange fluke I have noticed that we seem to have accumulated a good number of nudes amongst the new stock. The first being this lady of Phil's lounging by the entrance. Phil has a good choice of pictures at the moment and it would be wrong of me to suggest they are all nudes, this lady is but one of his various subjects, most of whom are clothed, like the young lady below.

Keeping with the pictures, but on a sporting theme this time, there is a fabulous large racing picture on Brian's stand this week.

I like this because there's lots going on, lots of movement. It's interesting.

But to show we have more than just pictures there is this detailed jacket on the stand next to Phil's.

This is beautifully detailed, very Edwardian.

Opposite the jacket are these two almost life sized Spaniels. 

and next to them is a folk painted cradle cradling a vintage fishing rod. And almost out of the picture, but not quite is a gorgeous leather gun case which I didn't notice until now. 

Moving on down the left is this tall figure group, finely detailed and about 26 inches tall

and this very pretty Royal Albert china tea service.

On the same aisle next is some 'proper furniture' as my dad would say.
He would be right as well, and there are two fantastic buttoned leather chairs amongst it all.

I like the wallpaper on this stand too, the furniture looks how its supposed to in someone's home.

And I like this Art Deco coffee set, have you seen the tray?

On to Maria's stand and she has a gorgeous crocheted dress in.

Fantastic detailing again, this week is all detail!

Sadly this one is a size 12 and therefore beyond me.

The shoes may fit me though!

A bit further on and we get to Simon and Julie's stand. I like this bit, its always interesting, always changing and sometimes a bit wacky. This week they have this fabulous weather vane

This is quite big, I saw Simon carrying it in over his shoulder and it looks impressive, but I suppose it has to to be seen clearly from below. Back to nudes and Simon has acquired a few...

this one shares space with a fur coat, not that I'm suggesting she should be covered, but the fur is fox and is beautifully soft and well made, it would suit her.

And another nude, this one in the sunshine so def not in need of a fur coat.

Apparently there are more nudes to come, Simon has bought a collection, so watch this space!
For those with more glassy tastes they also have a collection of glass. I love this 60's wavy coloured glass and its such good value still.

Just around the corner in the end room there is this carved coat stand

with lots and lots and lots of other things, handbags, books, pictures, signs and lots more. 

Moving on, on the back wall we have a pretty china tea service with roses.

And in the far corner another scantily clad lady picture. 
I really like this one, it would be my buy of the day today I think, its very atmospheric.

Also in this stand is this watercolour of fishing boats.

and opposite that a choice of summer dresses.

Then on the last aisle there is this pretty painted plate rack

and upholstered bedroom chair.

And then there's me.

Next to me is the Chair Man. He has a lovely long settle at the back, it has painted details which I love, very Gustavian.

And then finally, just before the till, there is Kate.
Kate moved stands recently and has taken Phil's old stand which gives her more space.

It looks really good. I like the eclectic mix, the Peonies in a huge glass jar and this

a stone bust with a crown atop, priced separately but made for each other!

I like the straw boater too

and this delicate tray, so pretty.

Well, thats it for today. A longer look this time so I hope it has given you a good taster of what we have in at the moment. But it isn't all of it by a long shot so come along and have a look for yourself. 

Harrogate Antique Centre is open Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 5.30 and Sundays 10 to 4.
We are easy to find on the main Leeds Road, the A61, just outside Harrogate town centre at Pannal.
Find us just before Pannal Golf Club and opposite the Mercedes dealership.
We have lots of FREE parking and a great Cafe/Bistro.
And we are nice, I promise.

If you have any questions about anything shown feel free to ask, our number is 01423 872463.

We hope to see you again soon.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Bank Holiday weekend

Hello and welcome back to Harrogate Antique Centre's Blog. Today's post is a real quickie, just to show you what Phil did with his stand after his move and to give you our opening times for the Bank Holiday.

But before that, this was the picture we ended on last time. Phil had moved stands and was busy painting. Everything was really a bit chaotic, but now it looks really quite different.

He has filled all the extra space with interesting stuff. 
Lots of pictures and pottery, furniture and lamps.

And some more extraordinary pieces, like this large statue of a young boy with a goose.
Its very striking and not something you find everyday. The stand looks really good and is on the left as you come into the centre. Phil always has something worth looking at and now that he has more space there is far more to ponder over so why not come along and have a look for yourself? 

Harrogate Antique Centre is open daily, from 9.30 to 5.30 on Mondays to Saturdays 
and 10 to 4 on Sundays. 
We are easy to find on the main A61 Leeds Road at Pannal just outside Harrogate town centre. 
We have lots of free parking and a great Cafe/Bistro.

Next time I will give you a more detailed look at what new stock our dealers have brought in.
There is some lovely stuff, this chair is just a taster.

Pretty isn't it? It's Edwardian, hand painted and waxed and re-upholstered in a lovely Laura Ashley print with double piping and a great price!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday and hopefully we'll see you soon.
Oh and don't forget that the BBC will be filming their Antique Road Trip programme here at Harrogate Antique Centre this Thursday, 30th May. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

What's new, meeting Maria and some changes

Good evening all. I hope you have had a nice day. Today's post is a look at what is new in this week. As always the stock keeps changing and lots of new things come in. And also today we have a few little changes taking place so there's a quick look at those too.

But firstly I would like to introduce you to one of our dealers, Maria Pyke.

Do you remember this picture from the end of the last post? This was a quick taster of what Maria sells here at Harrogate Antique Centre. Maria specialises in vintage clothing and accessories with a particular emphasis on the couture and designer end of the market. Her stock includes labels like Hobbs, Mulberry, Channel, Burberry, Dior and Liberty. But the really nice thing about Maria's stock is that it is current, it suits today's market. This is because she takes care to buy items that are easily mixed with what is already in our wardrobes and because, although most of her stock dates from the 50's to 80's, Maria has also sourced some good later designer items where the 'look' and quality are there.

The way Maria buys can be seen with the lovely Jaeger jacket below which is c 2000,
and is teamed up perfectly with a navy 60's dress.

This is Maria below, standing next to one of her stylish vintage furs.

This is another fur, very striking this one with its zig zags.

As you can see there is a good variety to choose from

She has hats

and bags

and shoes.

There are some very nice shoes, like these green and white 60's ones

and these slightly later fabulous orange ones.

And there is this lovely crocheted cardigan, which I quite fancy for myself.

Maria also has a good selection of men's stuff including some lovely Tweed jackets, 
like this one modelled perfectly by her dad!

Maria is here quite often, bringing in new items and changing her displays and is happy to tell you about her stock if you want to know more. And there is a lot more to see than I can tell you about in this small space so come along and have a look for yourself. There is costume jewellery and perfume bottles and gloves and lots more I haven't quite fit in so she is well worth a look. 

But onto other things....

We have had a bit of a change around and I have moved stands, taking this lovely dresser with me.

You can get loads of stuff in this. It is French, with big cupboards and good shelves behind lovely glazed doors. It is a very useful piece of furniture.

And new in this week and something a bit different is this clock table,

hand painted, it is very clever and quirky.

Also new in is this double brass bedstead, complete with side irons. 

And then completely new to the centre altogether is the Chair man - Chairs of Harrogate

There are some beautiful chairs in here.

 I especially like the Tweed buttoned arm chair in the corner below, it looks warm and welcoming.

But that's it for today I'm afraid. Not that this is all we have that is new in, 
just that this is all I have room to show you this time. 

Except for this...

As I said earlier, we have been having a bit of a swap round here. I have moved, Kate has moved and Phil is moving into the big stand on the left as you come into the centre. 
At the moment it looks a bit chaotic, but by the weekend it will be a completely different picture and he has been out buying stock to fill it up. 

Come along and have a look at what he has bought!

Harrogate Antique Centre is open every day.
Open weekdays & Saturdays from 9.30 am til 5.30 pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. 
Woody's Bistro is always open whenever we are for lovely snacks, meals or drinks 
and we have plenty of FREE parking. 

Find us on the A61 Leeds Road at Pannal just outside Harrogate town centre. 
We are easy to find opposite the Mercedes dealership and just before Pannal Golf Club.

Take care and we hope to see you soon.