Friday, 10 May 2013

What's new, meeting Maria and some changes

Good evening all. I hope you have had a nice day. Today's post is a look at what is new in this week. As always the stock keeps changing and lots of new things come in. And also today we have a few little changes taking place so there's a quick look at those too.

But firstly I would like to introduce you to one of our dealers, Maria Pyke.

Do you remember this picture from the end of the last post? This was a quick taster of what Maria sells here at Harrogate Antique Centre. Maria specialises in vintage clothing and accessories with a particular emphasis on the couture and designer end of the market. Her stock includes labels like Hobbs, Mulberry, Channel, Burberry, Dior and Liberty. But the really nice thing about Maria's stock is that it is current, it suits today's market. This is because she takes care to buy items that are easily mixed with what is already in our wardrobes and because, although most of her stock dates from the 50's to 80's, Maria has also sourced some good later designer items where the 'look' and quality are there.

The way Maria buys can be seen with the lovely Jaeger jacket below which is c 2000,
and is teamed up perfectly with a navy 60's dress.

This is Maria below, standing next to one of her stylish vintage furs.

This is another fur, very striking this one with its zig zags.

As you can see there is a good variety to choose from

She has hats

and bags

and shoes.

There are some very nice shoes, like these green and white 60's ones

and these slightly later fabulous orange ones.

And there is this lovely crocheted cardigan, which I quite fancy for myself.

Maria also has a good selection of men's stuff including some lovely Tweed jackets, 
like this one modelled perfectly by her dad!

Maria is here quite often, bringing in new items and changing her displays and is happy to tell you about her stock if you want to know more. And there is a lot more to see than I can tell you about in this small space so come along and have a look for yourself. There is costume jewellery and perfume bottles and gloves and lots more I haven't quite fit in so she is well worth a look. 

But onto other things....

We have had a bit of a change around and I have moved stands, taking this lovely dresser with me.

You can get loads of stuff in this. It is French, with big cupboards and good shelves behind lovely glazed doors. It is a very useful piece of furniture.

And new in this week and something a bit different is this clock table,

hand painted, it is very clever and quirky.

Also new in is this double brass bedstead, complete with side irons. 

And then completely new to the centre altogether is the Chair man - Chairs of Harrogate

There are some beautiful chairs in here.

 I especially like the Tweed buttoned arm chair in the corner below, it looks warm and welcoming.

But that's it for today I'm afraid. Not that this is all we have that is new in, 
just that this is all I have room to show you this time. 

Except for this...

As I said earlier, we have been having a bit of a swap round here. I have moved, Kate has moved and Phil is moving into the big stand on the left as you come into the centre. 
At the moment it looks a bit chaotic, but by the weekend it will be a completely different picture and he has been out buying stock to fill it up. 

Come along and have a look at what he has bought!

Harrogate Antique Centre is open every day.
Open weekdays & Saturdays from 9.30 am til 5.30 pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. 
Woody's Bistro is always open whenever we are for lovely snacks, meals or drinks 
and we have plenty of FREE parking. 

Find us on the A61 Leeds Road at Pannal just outside Harrogate town centre. 
We are easy to find opposite the Mercedes dealership and just before Pannal Golf Club.

Take care and we hope to see you soon.

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