Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Quick Tour of Harrogate Antique Centre

Hello again.

Today's blog post is a quick tour of Harrogate Antique Centre. It won't show everything, but hopefully it will give you a bit of a flavour of what's here.

This is what you see directly in front of you as you come in. This stand belongs to Brian and there is always something interesting to look at in it. For me this week it is the gorgeous original 30's poster sitting on the pine settle. 

The colours and graphics are iconic, I really like it.

Its quite rare to find original advertising in such good condition, being paper it was not meant to be around quite so long and not much has survived at all. This one is in great condition. 

Then on your left is my stand. I do a lot of painted furniture, but it is looking a bit bare at the moment (Christmas and all that) so this 1920's pine table from a mill in Bradford with 4 matching Victorian chairs is just a taster and I'll show you more another day.

And next to me is a lovely lady with lots of lovely linens, vintage clothing, jewellery, hats, handbags and kimonos.

There are two cabinets crammed with the most fabulous costume jewels.

Next to this is the entrance to the lovely Cafe. Great food and comfy seating, this can't be rushed so we will return for a tour of this another day too.

From here on in there's loads more choice.....

like this....

and this...

And then, half way down the cafe aisle is The English Polisher. 

Fantastic furniture alongside some quirky stuff

like this park scene in a glass cabinet.

And then at the bottom you arrive at Simon and Julie's stands painted this lovely bright red.

I love this Union Jack.

and this cute miniature settle

and this Vitrine.

This is Simon and his lovely wife Julie.

They are often here and happy to tell you about their eclectic stock. 

Then along the bottom you have more of this...

and this....

And then when you almost think you've finished there's Cathy's stand.

Cathy works at the Centre and sells ceramics, mostly from the 20s and 30s, but not all.

At the moment she has this Charlotte Rhead Charger

A selection of Carlton Wares

and this highly desirable bit of Doulton Stoneware.

And then finally just before the till is Phil's stand.

Phil also works at the Centre, along with Trevor, Cathy, David and Richard. You will meet them all when you come, but I will try to persuade them to pose for my camera next time.

Thats it for now though. I hope I have shown you around a bit. If there's anything you fancy come along and have a look as stuff is moving pretty quick. Or we are always happy to advise over the phone if you want a price or more information. The number is 01423 872463.

Hope to see you again soon.

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