Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lovely new stuff

Hello again. 

Today I was hoping to introduce you to Richard, Cathy and Phil, three of Harrogate Antique Centre's staff. However my camera's operator has failed to live up to my camera's 'point and press' brief and the photograph I took of them is just awful. But it gives you a very vague idea. Cathy is the blonde lady seated at the front. She is lovely, always smiling and very pleasant. Cathy has a unit in the Centre selling mostly ceramics with some interesting bits and bobs along side. I showed you some of her stock in the last blog post. 

Standing behind Cathy is Phil. He has a unit at the Centre and works here. He sells a good mix of furniture, ceramics and pictures. His stock is good quality antiques and there is always something tempting to look at. And finally, on the right of my really bad picture, is Richard. Richard is part owner of Harrogate Antique Centre and is to be found here most days, often followed about by his wife's gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Woody. They are a really nice bunch and far less shady than they look in this picture. 

This one shows them in a slightly clearer light, but I will get a proper posed one next time.

In the mean time we have some new stuff to show you.

This is a new dealer, lots of maps in lots of sizes. I love looking at maps, its always nice to find somewhere you know and see the differences between now and then.

Another new unit is this one, full of books.

The Ladybird Books take me back to my childhood.

I can remember them from school.

Another new addition are these rugs.

They add a bit of colour and look lovely and warm on the wall.

And now to finish off showing you around, which I started on my last post. I think I ended around Simon and Julie's stand so I will start back there now, with this fabulous pair of lamps.

This lovely ornate mirror.

A bit further around in the bottom corner is this display of costume jewellery.

And then on the back straight there is this pair of painted chairs with raspberry toille seats.

Heading towards the till is this selection of vintage clothing and accessories.

Sadly I can also remember the white knee high boots from the 60's, although I was too young for them at the time. My aunt had some and I thought they were lovely.

Then we have this pretty plate and pair of Claret Jugs. And I wish I had taken a wider photograph because the cottage picture at the back looks nice too!

And then, do you remember the shady picture at the start of this post? Well this stand belongs to Phil, standing in the centre at the back of the picture. Lots of interesting stuff here.

This second pair of jugs, this time ceramic, are very pretty. 

and I really like these pictures.

And then we are round back to the front with Brian's stand and this amazing Stag's head.

And this Lantern

and this Taxidermy Grouse.

And finally, there's my stand, and just to show no favouritism my photographer has failed again. These are much prettier than they look here. The upholstery is gorgeous and the frames are really nice too.

They are a pair of lovely Edwardian Chairs, also available separately. They are painted white and upholstered in matching blue Toille.

They look clearer here, with my biblical mannequin in between them.

I think that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed looking. If there is anything that catches your fancy come along and have a look. We are easy to find on the A61 Leeds Road at Pannal, very close to the Mercedes garage with a huge sign outside and lots of FREE parking. 

Or you can phone us on 01423 872463.

Hope to see you again soon.

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